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Pioneer-Dietecs' unique depaneling process uses floating die plates.


The boards are cut with knife‐edged blades from the top and bottom simultaneously, so all the force is directed between the blade tips, resulting in stress free singulating.

Stress Free PCBA Depaneling for Tab-Routed and V-Scored Circuit Boards

Cost-effective, Stress Free PCBA Depaneling

Pioneer Dietecs offers a complete line of USA manufactured depaneling systems for close tolerance singulating of v-scored and tab-routed printed circuit boards. The Pioneer system is a press-based turnkey system that includes both dies and presses.

Pioneer Dietecs has developed a unique process for singulating pcb arrays that is virtually stress free. Floating EDM’d die‐plates hold the blades and cut the boards from both the top and bottom simutaneously to eliminate stress. The floating die plates eliminate time consuming die installation and expensive setup costs typically required for close tolerance registration.

Pioneer‐Dietecs tooling offers the same accuracy as hard tooling for a fraction of the cost. The Pioneer‐Dietecs singulating process is:

  • Cleaner and more accurate than routing
  • As accurate as punching with no stress
  • More accurate, less stressful and quicker than pizza cutters
  • Singulates both tab-routed and v-scored arrays
  • Die changes can be made in 30 seconds

Let Pioneer design a complete system for your depaneling process

Send us a CAD file, pdf or sample array and we'll quote a turnkey system including both dies and presses you need to completely singulate your printed circuit boards.